When it comes to exterior painting, our expert decorators are skilled at handling all types of surfaces and always take the utmost care to prepare these prior to painting. It’s important to choose the right paint for the job and to ensure that the walls are ready to receive the paint to guarantee good coverage. At Love Paint Pty Ltd, we can also waterproof walls for your added convenience and all of our work will be professionally finished and last you well into the future. 
We provide:
Textured finishes
UV protective coatings
Stain-resistant and non-absorbent paints
Weatherproofing services


For interior painting jobs, we’ll always choose the most suitable paint for the surfaces at hand, using easy-wash, heavy-duty paints for high-wear areas and mould-resistant paints for bathrooms and wet areas. We can also advise you on colours as required, ensuring a quality finish that will transform your home or workplace.
We can paint: 
Skirting boards
Special finishes


If you want wallpaper, then let the team here at Love Paint Pty Ltd do all the hard work and provide you with a reliable wallpaper hanging service that will ensure perfectly straight seams every time. Wallpapering requires a certain amount of skill and precision and our painters and decorators have years of experience in hanging all types of wallpapers, so we’ll always do a great job.

Whether you want textured, smooth or any other type of wallpaper, just leave it to us and we’ll make your home or office look amazing. If you want a traditional look or prefer more contemporary wallpaper, you can choose everything from professionally manufactured to handmade varieties, and all for a reliable price.

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