Love Paint Pty Ltd is a multi-award-winning 
firm that has had many of its projects recognised 
for their high-quality finishes and expert paintwork.


"Beautifully finished with high level, even and solid gloss finishes. Trim lines and cutting in between finishes and surfaces very accurate. A nice job." 
Beardy Street Armidale - Heritage and restoration (commercial) over $30,000

"Judges noted the excellent overall workmanship at Faulkner Street, Armidale, commenting that the paint finish had all the traits of a well-executed project totally in harmony with the heritage and restoration category."
Faulkner Street Armidale - Heritage and restoration (domestic) under $30,000

"The work on this commercial repaint is outstanding, particularly the timber doors, clean hardware and even finish. Timber panelling on the ceiling is also solid, clean and uniform."
University of New England - Commercial repaint under $100,000


Winner of the 2017 Master Painters Award for Excellence
Residential (Single Dwelling) Regional New Work over $30,000
Stage 1 Works Armidale Airport Commercial New Work Regional under $100,000
Industrial Finishes Regional over $70,000 Armidale Airport
Regional Commercial Project of the Year 2017

Winner of the 2016 Master Painters Award for Excellence 
Project of the Year Regional - Commercial 
Timber Finishes over $100,000
Heritage and Restoration ( Commercial ) over $500,000

Winner of the 2015 Master Painters Award for the Regional Project of the Year in Armidale

Named Regional Project of the Year in 2012 for painting the Armidale Post Office

Winner of the Best Heritage Restoration Award for a Domestic Building under $30,000

Winner of the Best Commercial Re-paint for the University of New England under $100,000

Winner of the Regional Project of the Year 2011 for TC Lamble Building, University of New England
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